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University of London Institute in Paris

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This course will provide students with an insight into French Studies at the University of London Institute in Paris.  This taster course is taking place in central London and NOT at their main campus in Paris.

The taster course will comprise of an introduction to the University of London Institute in Paris and well as the two taster lectures below:

Français familier, populaire, argotique... A quoi servent-ils et comment fonctionnent-ils?
This taster course (delivered in French) will equip students with a survival kit for understanding and using non-conventional French, i.e. français familier and argot. Participants will be introduced to a variety of words favoured by the French for everyday conversation with intimates and peers, where courses for foreign learners usually focus on the more formal vocabulary. Insight will be provided as to what the use of formal/informal vocabulary conveys on a sociological level, and students will be required to perform hands-on tasks such as matching standard vs. familier synonyms, as well as identifying the various lexicological processes through which argotique words are created. To prepare ahead of this course, participants should – if possible – search online for informal synonyms of the following words: livre, plaisanterie, comprendre, travail, laid, manger, vêtements, argent, chaussure, nez, bavarder, chose, donner, chance, prendre/attraper, regarder, aimer, rumeur, femme, ami, enfant, travailler, attendre, ventre.

L'Empire colonial et ses vestiges parisiens
During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the French built, and lost, one of the most extensive colonial empires on the globe. This Taster Course, delivered in French, introduces students to some of the major themes of colonial history, asking them to reflect on the motives for imperial expansion, the practices of imperial rule, and the influence of Empire on the culture of the French metropole. The course underlines the contemporary relevance of the study of colonial history, and encourages students to think about the political, sociological and cultural legacies of Empire present in Paris today.

Course Date: 22 Jun 2017

Duration: Half day (1.30pm - 5pm)

Subject area/s: Cultural Studies,Culture,French,History,Modern Languages

Course Requirements: This taster course is open to students in year 12 or anyone planning on starting their undergraduate studies in September 2018. You must be studying French As/A-level or equivalent to attend.

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